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Programs on Wealth, Business & Leadership

  Without Ever Taking Allah Out of the Equation  




School of Life Coach Training & Certification

The Islamic Framework to Coaching Family & Community. 

DiscoverU Brings Psychology, Human Behavior, & The Hereafter Paradigm Together Into The Adwam Coaching Formula


The Millionaire Who Went To Jannah

How Some "Muslim" Beliefs Are Sabotaging Our Wealth & Keep Us Poor


Ever feel limited by money -- can’t do what you want, live where you want, provide for your family the way you want, give how you want? 


When you try to get better, you feel like you shouldn't seek more wealth? Like it's more pious to be poor?


Have stories of Muslim worshippers romanticized the financial struggle? Hinting that pious Muslims should turn away from wealth and focus on worship instead?


If you have a love-hate relationship with money, then it's NOT your fault. We’ve been tricked into thinking financial success is greedy and unIslamic. 


You see, most of us were never taught Muslim Money Mastery - the kind that  assures your Dunya… AND paves the path to your Akhirah. 

NicheHero Poster


NicheHero Leadership

How A Muslim Kid From Small-Town Winnipeg 
Turned A Little Idea Everyone Thought Would Fail

...Into A Global, Trend-Setting Institution 
With More Than 180,000 Raving Fans Worldwide
Muhammad Alshareef, 
Founder of Multiple International Enterprises
In Both the Non-Profit and For-Profit Sectors…

...Will Teach You 
How To Carve Out Your Own WOW Idea,
Become A Person Of Influence, 
And Leave A Lasting Legacy In This World.

This is...
How To Become A NicheHero!


on wealth, business, & personal development

from an Islamic lens

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