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Imagine the Possibilities When You Eradicate Fear & Craft Dreams of Hope With the Power of Dua


This is the program that
alters normal behaviour

Imagine you made unrealistic Duas,

(the kind friends & family laugh at)



Now imagine doing that again and again with things others only dream about.


What kinda life would you be designing?


Anyone can do it, but the problem is, they... 


╳ don’t know what to ask for!

╳ feel hurt after 10 years of asking

╳ are ashamed by too many sins 

╳ are afraid to ask for the wrong things

╳ think they're greedy or ungrateful

╳ keep it realistic to avoid disappointment

╳ feel empty, tired, and distracted

What if you SHATTERED every obstacle?

Who Are We

Visionaire in a nutshell

Imagine taking where you are in life right now…


...your dreams, marriage, career, family, happiness, spirituality…


...and raising the bar 10 times higher


Imagine getting crystal clear on where you want to go, seeing it in front of you clear as day…


...then transporting to your destination with express speed


See, Visionaire as an idea and a movement has spread worldwide since 2013


While it is a breakthrough paradigm, its underlying premise is simple and entirely intrinsic to Islam.



Duas I make now are ones I never had the guts to voice to myself, let alone to ask Allah, things I didn't even dare to want for myself. 


With Visionaire, you get in touch with that part of you, and work up the courage to desire the impossible without worrying about the 'how'.



So much good came out of it. I got a really good job, I found my dream wife. Being thankful helped me through my cancer. 


If it wasn't for that, my life would've been stagnant.



Visionaire is like discovering treasure. I become more and more open with Allah each time I come back (which is every year since 2015).


Refreshing each year is really important because it otherwise stops being part of your life.


Visionaire returns in
Ramadan 2024

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