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Who Are We

Sis, it's finally your turn

For years, it hadn’t been about you. 


You put yourself on hold when the kids came; your health took a backseat while meeting deadlines; forgot to love yourself while showing everyone else love…


…and what hurts most is feeling like Allah is disappointed


You love Him and you know He loves you too…


…but you can’t help but approach it with a tinge of guilt and a lot of holding back…


Do I deserve His blessings?


Sis, it’s finally your turn to end what doesn’t serve you, and write the story that uplifts you...


It’s finally your turn to let go of what hurts, and arrive at peace, security, and confidence…


It’s finally your turn to look deep within and rediscover who you really are, what you really want…


…and feel completely at ease when you do ask Allah for it all.

Raise Her Dua Academy
reopens in 2023

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