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Staring Blankly at Your Journal? Don’t Give Up Just Yet…

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My No.1 Journaling Hack

Journaling is all about putting what’s inside your head on the paper. It let’s you process and make sense of what’s happening in your life and around you.

One key element of journaling is honesty. I have a no lies policy when it comes to journaling.

In the beginning, a lot of people find it difficult to be honest with themselves and simply write everything down. As a result, they get blank, it’s a struggle even to get started. So, you might need some prompts or techniques to get you going.

I’ve been journaling from a very young age. So, with time I’ve mastered some techniques to get more out of this exercise.

Instead of staring blankly at the paper for minutes on end, when you get stuck, try doing this…

Write about E-I-D…

No not the Muslim festival of Eid; But the acronym I came up for Enjoy, Improve and Discover.


Write about what you enjoy doing. It could be something that you do everyday, a simple pleasure of life that you’ve enjoyed after a while or something completely new you’ve just tried.

The point of writing these things down is to remember the experience, recognize what makes you feel good and cherish the good times, so you can be thankful to Allah for these blessings.