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Parents Who Raise Huffadh Do This ONE thing Differently

Want your Child to Memorize Quran…Here’s what you need to know!

Every time I sit down with my brother and friend Shaykh Abdul Bary Yahya, I always ask him about his grandmother. He tells me and I feel like I want to know more about this amazing woman. She’s an inspirational human being ma sha Allah. Over 100 years old and when she starts praying Maghrib salah, it goes on till Isha salah. And that’s because she doesn’t recite anything without contemplating it’s meaning. Subhan Allah.

When she prays Qiyam-ul-layl she prays one third of the night with one son, then she wakes up the next one and prays one third of the night with him and so on…

The point of telling you this story is that I’ve a theory about parents who raise huffadh. And if you’re a parent or you aspire to be a parent who gets to raise a haffidh of Quran…listen closely and mark my words!

Parents who raise Huffadh are the ones who pray Qiyam-ul-layl.

I say this because as a parent you need to make an effort. You need to make sure that your child spends quality time learning and memorizing Quran so they grow up to be someone who has a connection with it. If they don’t get attached to it as a child, it becomes difficult to roll that ball in the later stages of life.

In order for your child to be attached to Quran, they need to spend time with it. They need to learn, understand and memorize it.

Just making a schedule or enrolling your kid in a Quran class isn’t going to cut it. You need to build your lives around Quran. Not just your kids but yours too. It might not always be easy but you’ll have to commit with them, make this effort together.

You’ve to go to bed early so they don’t miss out on the Quran class. Wake up early in the morning so they revise their lessons and make it in time for the class.

You miss out on things in your own life so you can help them revise their lesson, memorize a Surah, prepare for an exam or to just simply make sure they get to the class everyday. You do whatever it takes for them to commit to that routine. Because in the end it will all be worth it in sha Allah.

Set Specific Goals