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Programs on Personal & Emotional Growth

  Without Ever Taking Allah Out of the Equation  

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Raise Your Habits: The DreamWalker System

Finally Break the Cycle of Inconsistent Habits & Unanswered Duas

RaiseYourHabits is an on-demand video course for Muslims who want to accelerate their Dream Duas through strategic action. This will rewire your approach to habits and emotional patterns finally removing guilt, shame & anxiety from past "failures". 


Time Traveller: Time Mastery

The #1 Reason Most Muslims Give for Not Achieving

Our Wealth, Health, and Family Goals is...

“I don’t have enough time!”

How would you like to finally

ERADICATE the TIME excuse, once and for all… you can do more...

...for you, your family, your Lord?

Time Traveller is an online video course designed to give you the system to master your time

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BookHero 100 | Private Muhammad Alshareef Book Club

How To Complete 100+ Books In A Year

It's like having the best mentors at your service. BookHero100 is Muhammad Alshareef's exact strategy to grow through books even when you have little to no time.

You'll also join The MAS Book Club: a private Facebook community deep diving into the top books on culture, business, history, fiction and more.  



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 The No-Nonsense, All-Action Program
  No lecturing; only massive decisive action.


  4 days of Time Mastery, Wealth Mastery, Deen Mastery, and Health Mastery

How each day looks:

  1. Visualization activities.

  2. Valuable resources personally recommended by Muhammad Alshareef.

  3. Nucleus of the program is a 20-minute countdown clock to take inspired action towards your dreams.

  4. For each 24-hour cycle you’ll take action after action, giving yourself 10 points for each one. Your aim is to get 100 points on each day of the 4-Day BringIt! Challenge.

  5. Celebration sessions.



on personal & emotional growth strategies
without ever taking Allah out of the equation

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