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“Will Allah answer my Dua?”
“Do I deserve to be heard?”
“I have everything I need, so I feel ungrateful asking”

End all doubt and design your life by Dua.


Because nobody talks about it, 

you’re left to feel vulnerable,

good marriages turn sour

and you’re still wondering

what you can or can’t do in the bedroom. Not anymore. 


How to be Rich & Righteous. 

Video #1: Clear Up These 10 Muslim Money Misconceptions
Video #2: How To Change Your Life With One Simple Little Word
Video #3: How Chasing Dunya Can Lead To Jannah


Allah is For Me #shorts
Tranquility Beyond Ramadan: Rising Above the Pressures of Disappointment & Anxiety

Tranquility Beyond Ramadan: Rising Above the Pressures of Disappointment & Anxiety

When Ramadan ends, it’s only natural to get sucked into our same ‘ol routine. Anxiety creeps in through the doorways we’ve been trying to bolt shut. But when we start to lose the momentum we vowed to maintain throughout the year… We’re hit with a round of disappointment - beating ourselves up for not being able to stay consistent in our pursuit of Allah (swt). Then comes the pressure from falling short in our daily spiritual habits. And when these dots connect, the pattern takes a frightening shape... ...threatening to put us in zombie mode while our blocks start to resurface. Look, we’re all humans. Falling short is a blessing in disguise because it’s an opportunity to strengthen our ties with our Creator. But when you learn to steer your personality and emotions to remain unbelievably calm in the face of adversities… That’s when you bury the triggers hidden inside your old self and cover them up with newfound spiritual habits... ...that keep you on the path you set on in the first place. You’re not meant to fail, you have every strength to push yourself and prolong your spiritual high for as long as you can. As. Long. As. You. Can. I’m Razia Hamidi - CEO of DiscoverU and I want to see you inside my FREE webinar on “Tranquility Beyond Ramadan: Rising Above the Pressures of Disappointment & Anxiety”... And in this season after Ramadan, I’ll help you become cautious and prepared for any blocks that might disrupt your life.
If Matters Were In Your Hands #shorts
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